The Off The Couch Art Studio Inc. had its origins in a disused condemned wooden classroom at the Modbury Primary School in 1998.
The room became available when the Tea Tree Gully TAFE relinquished their lease due to the unsafe condition of the building.
Five local artists known as 'Directions 5' took the opportunity and hired the room from the school as a studio and meeting place.

Over the following years some members left to be replaced by others. Various items of discarded furniture,
such as tables, chairs and easels found their way into the building, including an old couch, which was put to good use.
Honestly, we worked so hard we needed a rest! Unfortunately, some took advantage of the little rests and we caught nodding off, and so the catch-cry became "get off the couch and do some work".
This was quickly abbreviated to "off the couch" and so our name was born.

With the redevelopment of the Modbury Primary School we moved to the old Junior Primary School, now owned by the City of Tea Tree Gully. In 2009, a big year for us, we exhibited as a group for the first time, at Top of the Torrens Gallery at Birdwood. It was also the year we became an incorporated body.

To learn the history of Off The Couch Art Studio we need look no further than Clause 3 of our Constitution:
"Aims and Objectives" - to encourage members in the development of their artistic pursuits - to promote art in the community - to provide studio space for members - to exhibit works of art".

There is, however, an unwritten clause - to provide a space for friendships, comfort in the uncertain times and rejoicing in the happy times. The dictionary tells us that space is an unoccupied blank area

                                                                     - Off the Couch is anything but that!